Friday, August 17, 2012

Life Interrupted

The 2012 season started out in May with me defending my title at the Jekyll Island Turtle Crawl Tri and managed to podium with a 3rd place overall.  Next on the schedule - Tri the Midlands where my fitness should've been improving but wasn't and I ended up with 2nd place in age group. Training after Tri the Midlands was getting tougher and while I blamed it on the heat, something else was actually going.

Fast forward to 8/15 where the 6 week journey of "what is it, is it Lyme" finally ended.  I received news that will change my life moving forward.  I have been diagnosed with Classic Hodgkins Lymphoma.  From what I hear the cancer to have if you're going to get cancer because it is treatable and curable. No matter how many times I hear that, it doesn't change the fact that it is still cancer.  Already been through denial and why me, the fit 43 year old triathlete and not the overweight, cigarette smoking couch potato??

Looking forward to next spring......


Nick Brunson said...

I'm sorry to hear that Scott. You're a strong one, fight hard. You are in my prayers. Please let me know how things progress with your treatment. at

Scott said...

Thanks Nick. Appreciate the prayers.