Friday, September 21, 2007

Block training moving forward

Now that I'm back with power, I need to make sure I put it to good use. I've been doing a lot of reading over the past few weeks and feel as though pure block training is the way to go. Since I have a flexible work schedule, I think a program of 3 on and 2 off will work great.

Instead of reinventing the wheel and possibly developing a plan that doesn't make sense for what I'm trying to accomplish, I decided to go straight to the power guru - Hunter Allen. As you aware, Hunter co-authored the book - Training and Racing with a Power Meter with Dr. Andy Coggan and the book is considered the ultimate guide to training with a power meter. Hunter is working on a pure block training program that will focus the majority of my time over the next 12 - 16 weeks in the range of Tempo/SST/TH. As the racing season approaches, he will alter the plan to add VO2 work as well as L6 and L7.

I plan to start the new plan on November 1st so stay tuned for some updates!

Back with Power

It's been a while since I posted but did want to give you an update. From January 1 to July 25th, I logged in over 5,000 miles. Plenty of early mornings, late nights, and long weekends and the end result was losing 35lbs and pack finishes in every race that I entered. Why is July 25th so important you ask? That is the day I stopped training with power. I decided to remove the Ergomo Power Meter and ride strictly on PE and heart rate. I think I was experiencing burn out and my thought processes were effected. Keep in mind that I lived a sedentary life up until September 2006 and 5,000 miles in 7 months was considered a life changing event.

Fast forward to September 1st where I entered the NC/SC State Road Race Championships in the Masters 30-44 category and realized that training on PE and HR was a big mistake. I got dropped 30 miles into a 60 mile race and I attribute this to my decrease in training intensity the 5 weeks prior as a result of removing the power meter. I rode solo for the next 30 miles and had plenty of time to evaluate my life and training program and decided to recommit myself to training with power. 8 days later I purchased a Power Tap SL laced to a Mavic Open Pro rim.

In addition, I contacted 55nine Peformance in Atlanta - Eddie O'Dea and had a Wobble-Naught bike fitting to insure that my position was right for maximum power output. Eddie raised my seat, moved it forward, lowered my bars, and pushed my brake hoods out so to speak to allow for better reach in the drops. The first ride after the fitting had me pedaling about 3 to 5 rpms higher per gear and climbing out the saddle felt more stable. I'm experiencing a little soreness behind my right knee but I think this is a combination of going too hard right after adjustments were made. I plan to spend the next few weeks doing nothing but endurance miles and hopefully, this will allow me to get acclimated to the new position. All in all, I highly recommend a Wobble-Naught fit!