Monday, September 1, 2008

Bronze Medal CAT 4 - SC State Road Race Champs

The race was uneventful and rather slow at times - almost felt like a CAT 5 race. Race was 45 miles or 3, 15 mile loops. One attempted break but lasted all of 5 minutes before me and the eventual winner reeled them in.

A little change over last in that they opened the road up at the final 100m versus 200m. Just picture 50+ CAT 4 riders all trying to fit in one lane for 900m. Better yet, try putting 2lbs in a 1lb bag and you'll get the picture. At 500m, the first wreck happened about 10yards behind and the second wreck happened at 250m again, 10 yards behind me. I estimate the wrecks wiped out about 25 racers. At one point, I saw a bike less rider go airborne out of my peripheral vision and the bike must have been 10+ feet in the air. I've seen my share of wrecks but these two were pretty ugly and nothing like hearing grown men scream like little girls!

I was pretty much at my limit and crossed the line sitting up. I finished 12th overall and 3rd from SC. This will be my last race of the season as I need a break and I need to get back to work.

Thanks to my coach Dave Morris for all of his help, guidance, and of course training plans!