Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bike Workout

I blogged yesterday that my workout today would consist of:

15' @ 185W, 40' @ 270W and 5'@ 285W - all continuous

I ended up doing 20' @ 201W, 10 @ 261W, 10 @ 272W, 10 @ 277W, and 10 @ 280W
**All watts listed are PAvg and not NP.

Duration: 1:00:16
TSS: 96.9
NP: 255
19.678 miles

For the 40' of continuous threshold work, my NP was 273W and Pavg was 272W. I feel confident enough to move my FTP in WKO+ from 260W to 270W starting tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Getting things going again

Plan for this year is to do all sprint distance events so I'm readjusting my training plan to reflect this change. Gone are the 2+ hour rides and 8+ mile runs. I'm implementing a modified Daniel's 5K to 15K running plan consisting of 2 or 3 quality days/week and will add 1 or 2 easy runs as bricks to get the miles. My body can't handle the abuse of running every day nor do I see a benefit for racing sprints. Goal for running is a 5K time of 19:15 or less.

For the bike, I'm strictly focusing on raising FTP and each workout will be no longer than 1 hour unless I'm doing a group ride. Goal is to be able to ride for 1 hour at 285+W or 20' @ 315+W. Today my HOP consisted of 15' @ 185W, 25' @ 235W, and 20' @ 282W all done as a continuous effort. Tomorrow I'll shoot for 15' @ 185W, 40' @ 270W and 5'@ 285W - again, all continuous.

Swimming distance will be cut back as well but not as much. Early focus will be on 10 x 50's with shorter rest periods between reps as the weeks go by and then move to 10 x 75's, and 5 x 100's as the season progresses.